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Exploration Marine à Belle-Île in Mai 2023

On our last seatrekking expedition to Belle-Île, we had the unique opportunity to discover the treasures hidden beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Exploring the seabed, we were surprised to find the remains of several carcasses from an old coastal dump. A poignant reminder of the impact of human activity on our oceans.

But our adventure didn't stop there! We were also lucky enough to observe an incredible diversity of marine flora and fauna. In particular, lion's mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata) captivated us with their grace and hypnotic beauty.

A colorful trek and one of the highlights of 2023 for the Watch The Sea team. All beautifully highlighted in this video.

Please feel free to share it, post your questions/comments below and continue to raise awareness among your friends and family about the preservation of our marine environment.


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