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Seatrekking around Belle-Île-en-Mer

This outing to the largest of the Ponant islands had been awaited, dreamed of and prepared for months by the 2 guides Olivier and Thomas.

The wild coastline to the south-west of the island is made up of crumbly schist rock and is subject to intense erosion by the sea. The result is a jagged coastline, a maze of rocks, caves and sheer cliffs battered by the elements.

It was in this impressive and majestic environment that our group of 7 seatrekkers and seatrekkeuses, including several beginners, were able to evolve in total autonomy for 3 days and 2 nights. The course allowed us to cover some thirty kilometers between the villages of Bangor and Sauzon, alternating between swimming in the open sea and hiking.

The high point of the trip was entering the Star or Apothecary's caves from the sea, swimming at Port Coton or around Les Poulains... in short, every day was Christmas.

A human, land, sea and underwater adventure, to reconnect with nature in all humility.

Text: Thomas Leclerc


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