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Seatrekking around the islands of Glénan

"In the awakening of the senses, water reveals us. An elixir of life, a timeless symphony.

Touch touches, smell marvels. The encounter of flavors is unparalleled.

Hearing captivates, auditory caresses. The eyes capture the beauty of color.

From this alchemy, love is revealed. A bewitching ballet, an eternal magic.

From this alchemy, love unfolds. A hymn to life, a symphony of joy."

Fascinating underwater world, around the Glénans archipelago.

Back from another #Seatrekking adventure. The weather was crazy. The group, made up of four experienced Seatrekkers and a newly joined female sea adventurer, swam around the Glénans archipelago in three days.

Overnight camp on the Glénan islands under a starry sky.

Text: Patrick Balch


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