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Watch The Sea at the Monte Christo Challenge: For a Responsible and Inclusive Use of the Sea

Marseille, France June 2023

Last month, the Watch The Sea association enthusiastically took part in the famous Défi de Monte Christo sea swimming event in Marseille. Present at the Bouches-du-Rhône département stand, the association took the opportunity to promote and raise public awareness of #seatrekking, sea swimming and #eco-citizen snorkeling, while integrating #participatory science actions to preserve our marine environment.

The Watch The Sea team warmly welcomed visitors to the stand, sharing their passion for the sea and highlighting the importance of practicing activities in harmony with nature. The association's volunteers presented the principles of seatrekking, a unique approach to discovering underwater beauty while minimizing our #impact on the environment.

One of the reasons for the association's presence at the Monte Christo Challenge was its approach to inclusion through sport. Referring to the recent launch of the Bouches du Rhône department's platform, Watch The Sea highlighted its commitment to making ocean swimming and seatrekking accessible to all.

In 2024, the association plans to set up a specific program dedicated to inclusion through sport, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the sea and discover its treasures, whatever their means and abilities. The aim is clear: to promote access to the sea for all and reinforce the inclusive nature of its activities.

The association intends to offer unique and enriching experiences to a wider public, encouraging a real connection between man and nature so that everyone can enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

With determination and passion, the association continues to work for the preservation of our marine environment. More information on this program and our partners coming soon!


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