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St. Cyr-sur-mer, June 2021

As part of a skills sponsorship agreement, Watch The Sea organized a Nature Day with CVE (Changeons notre Vision de l'Energie) to introduce Seatrekking to their employees and to young people from two supported associations - Contact Club Marseille and AAJT Association d'Aide aux Jeunes Travailleurs.

While one group walked along the coast of Saint-Cyr-Sur-Mer, collecting waste and participating in eco-educational workshops, the second group went on an expedition in the water. Their destination: the cave of the Bay of Nations, only accessible by the sea. There, liters of waste had accumulated, made of polystyrene and plastic bottles. Discovered by Watch The Sea during an expedition last year, the waste was waiting to be removed and recycled.

The selected team of experienced swimmers - equipped with helmets, gloves and garbage bags - went to work and managed to empty the cave in nearly 2 hours of work.

The waste was collected by boat with the support of our partner Omniblue Freedive and directly recycled together with the help of the Land team and a member of the association Mer Terre, specialized in the cleaning operations of the creeks.

With 1570 liters of waste collected and a well run program, we leave a cave finally clean and 55 participants with mines satisfied to have discovered what an eco-expedition of Seatrekking could look like...

A big thank you to CVE for their trust, their logistic and financial support, as well as to the employees of CVE who volunteered to supervise the groups on land and lead the workshops with the young people.

If you wish to make your employees discover a sustainable and positive immersive activity. If you wish to develop the well-being, sensitivity and contribution of your teams to the protection of the coastline, then Watch The Sea will be happy to organize a Nature Day for your organization!


  • Location: Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer

  • Number of participants: 55

  • Duration: one day

  • Volume of waste collected : > 1570 Liters

  • Fauna / Flora observed: Crustaceans, fish, seals, etc. / Herbarium, kelp, etc.

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Photos: Philippe Balch, Julien Reynaud, Joan Costeja


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