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Launch of the ‘An Ocean For All’ program and OCIRP Foundation Day

We are delighted to announce the launch of our “An Ocean For All” project!

This ambitious program aims to facilitate access to the sea for people for whom it is not always easy.

Through around thirty events which will be organized from May to October, and in partnership with around twenty beneficiary structures and partners, the program will allow each participant to derive personal benefits from these activities at sea, on a physical, mental, or social, and to become aware of the richness and fragility of our oceans.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of organizing our first afternoon in Marseille, in Friuli, in collaboration with the Dialogue et Solidarité association and the OCIRP Foundation, one of the main financiers of this beautiful project.

The marine wildlife awareness workshop captivated all participants, allowing them to discover the incredible diversity of life in our seas. Then, the whole group went to sea, each exploring this precious ecosystem at their own speed and according to their desires. What a joy to share a moment together at sea, regardless of your level of familiarity with this fascinating environment!

Yesterday we were able to see that the Calanque du Morgiret in Frioul is for the moment relatively preserved from marine litter, little litter was observed and collected during our action. This is excellent news even if it's only the beginning of the summer season, let's continue to take away our waste and collect what we find in nature!

We hope this project will inspire everyone to reconnect with the ocean, marvel at marine life and commit passionately to protecting it.

Together, we can make a difference to preserve this precious ecosystem

Thank you to all partners!

OCIRP Corporate Foundation

Sea Foundation

CVE Group



Contact Club

AAJT (Marseille)

Contact Club (Marseille)

House for All Huveaune (Marseille)

The Sea Otherwise (Giens)

Senior Info Center (Marseille)

Edouard Toulouse Hospital Center (Marseille)

Indoor Health (Strasbourg)

Like the Others (Marseille)

DIS RED CROSS (Marseille)

SC2S Senior Civic Solidarity Service (Marseille)


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