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Seatrekking along the coast of Esterel

A few weeks ago, a team of five enthusiasts embarked on a 3-day expedition along the magnificent Côte d'Esterel. Guided by @Franck - and they discovered the hidden wonders of this exceptional, unspoilt coastline!

Starting from charming Le Trayas, the team ventured into its crystal-clear waters, overlooked by the magnificent orange rocks of the Esterel massif. The team discovered deep sea caves, from which fascinating octopus and moray eels watched curiously. They explored coves, sailed between islands, and swam in the open sea where a school of several hundred barracudas stared back at them. The team also hiked along the picturesque paths of Le Dramont, with its steep cliffs and impressive rock formations offering spectacular views!

During this adventure, the team made a point of respecting their commitment to the environment. Armed with bags and gloves, they collected the marine litter they encountered at sea and on the coast. They collected and transported over 150 liters of waste, mainly plastic, in their watertight bags. Information about the waste, where it was collected, its type, number, volume and weight will be documented in a report that will be shared with local officials to help manage the area. Biodiversity observations will also be shared with research organizations.

Text: Philippe Balch


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